VSU congress 2019

November 15 & 16
Park Inn, Leuven, Belgium

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About Jeremy Sherr

Jeremy Sherr was born in South Africa
and grew up in Israel. He graduated
from the London homeopathic college while
also completing a degree in Acupuncture.
His school Dynamis is the longest running
post-graduate homeopathy course in
the world.
He is a highly cherished speaker in
countries all over the world and the list
of honorary degrees he received for his
relentless contributions to homeopathy
is extensive.

He is the author of numerous journal articles and homeopathy textbooks and has proved over 30 new homeopathic remedies.
His latest books on the Noble gases (Helium, Neon, Argon) are precious gems of almost superhuman beauty. The book on Krypton will be available 2019.

He is also the author of Q-Repertory, the repertory of Mental Qualities. Jeremy has been working in Tanzania on his project Homeopathy for Health in Africatreating AIDS patients and
researching the genus epidemicus.

We know Jeremy as a versatile speaker and outstanding homeopath and are looking forward to hearing his:

  • Remarkably thorough and quick case analyses and case structure, with the use of Q-Repertory
  • Practical philosophy and the art of case cracking
  • Old remedies with new understanding
  • New remedies from proving, noble gasses
  • Africa/AIDS cases

VSU congress in Leuven

November 15 & 16

Park Inn by Radisson Leuven Hotel
Martelarenlaan 36
BE-3010 Leuven Belgium
+32 (16) 61 66 00

 The Park Inn Hotel is located within walking distance of Leuven city center and is just steps away from Central Station (accessible from the platforms with elevator and walkway), from which it’s only a 15-minute commute to Brussels International Airport.

Timetable Day 1, Nov. 15th

8:30 informal welcome 

9:00 start of lecture 
11:00 coffee/tea
11:30 lecture resumes
13:00 lunch
14:00 lecture resumes
15:30 coffee/tea
17:00 end of day one 


Timetable Day 1, Nov. 15th

9:00 start of lecture 
11:00 coffee/tea
11:30 lecture resumes
13:00 lunch
14:00 lecture resumes
15:30 coffee/tea
17:00 end of day two 

end of congress


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Lunch and breaks included 

prior to 14 October 2019

for VSU members and students*
€ 280 € /two days, € 140 /one day

all others: 
€ 320 €/two days), 160 €/one day

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after 14 October 2019

for VSU members and students*
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all others:
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 Cash at the door: € 180 /day

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IBAN: BE72 4012 5151 1116


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90% refund for cancellations prior to October 14, 2019. No refund after this date.

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What people say about seminars with Jeremy Sherr …


Jeremy's sharing of his repertorizing skills was the most interesting part for me, that is just great and I learned a lot. Also his demonstrations of pre-analysis, analysis and synthesis are very valuable tools.
Martina Beilharz
Modern concepts applied to Traditional Homoeopathy
Bernhard Nagel
Jeremy Sherr is a source of knowledge that one may only come across at one time for you, so go for it now!
Virginia August
I think I understand how to analyze a case better. By looking at the case as a whole and looking for opposites and patterns I can truly understand a case.
Laura Hultquist
Jeremy's course is built upon a deep appreciation of Hahnemannian principles and he shows us how to apply these in the real-life setting of the clinic /consultation room. He answers many of the questions I have struggled with about how to bridge philosophy with practice. When they come together beautifully like this, homeopathy is so exciting.
Haruna Ito
Jeremy's teaching is very systematic and logical and his examples clear. The way in which he teaches empowers one to follow his method and I found that I already had better results with my cases after watching only 2 of the cases in this course! All in all it was an extremely useful, interesting and relevant course. Sincere thanks!
Sigrid Keller

In the immediate vicinity

of the Park Inn Radisson Hotel

Explore Leuven after the congress

Leuven (Louvain in French) is a gem of a 15th-century university town.

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