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Peter Tumminello

Psyche and Structure

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Peter Tumminello
The Realm of Gems and Minerals

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Peter Tumminello

There is a ‘stamp of personality’ that we all carry with us … a way of behaving, a set of sensibilities and expressions that allow us to identify each other. Peter has identified this unique resource through his research into the crystal structure, and found that it ushers a valuable pathway to the simillimum.

Every mineral has a crystal structure. Research into the eight crystal structures reveals a remarkable alignment of those structures with our medicines. Peter will introduce these structures, how they align with the inherent qualities of each person’s psyche and usher valuable pathway to the simillimum.

While this is a new area of homeopathic
understanding, it clearly complements the work of Sankaran, Scholten, Welte and their fellow homeopaths with repute in the world of minerals.