VSU Congress

Leuven, Belgium
18 - 20 May - 2024

Peter Tumminello

The Realm of
Gems and Minerals

The 2024 seminar “The Realm of Gems and Minerals” further builds on the introductory sessions of the 2022 webinar “Psyche and Structure“.  

We offer a package deal if you book the live seminar and want to watch the recording of the 2022 webinar, and a fidelity deal for attendees of the 2022 congress / VSU members.

“The eight crystal structures are archetypes which are rooted in science. These structures come to life in the broad brush strokes of the thought and feeling of our clients.”

Peter Tumminello

The Realm of Gems and Minerals - what to expect

In the introductory sessions Peter introduced the eight crystal structures and how they align with the inherent qualities of each person’s psyche.

At this live seminar Peter will feature the depth and breadth of his work with gems and minerals. It will include deeper results gleaned from his original work on gems [Twelve Jewels 2005] as well as the clinical and proving materials from the vast array of new gemstones he has worked with over the last 18 years.

All this will be weaved together through his understanding of two universal themes: the architecture of mind as Illustrated in his recent work ‘Psyche and Structure’ (2017) and the indication of ‘colour affinity’ which is so closely aligned to those who benefit from gem remedies.

The following will be included in the materials:

  • The pandemic ‘aftermath’: Diamond immersion and Black Nephrite Jade
  • Understanding the two green Jades: Nephrite and Jadeite
  • The vast clinical arena of Calc carb – features Aragonite, four varieties of Calcites and Pearl.
  • Serpentine and the tectonic shift.
  • Citrine, Black Tourmaline, Kunzite, Chiastolite and Obsidian
  • The sphere of the copper-based gems: Azurite; Chrysocolla; Malachite; Chrysopal and Turquoise.
  • Deeper dimensions of the colour symptom.
  • An overview of the Structures of the Psyche
  • Structure in the realms of the Plants and Animals​

Charts and gem remedy ‘kits’ will be available at the seminar

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VSU Congress with Peter Tumminello


The Realm of Gems and Minerals​

VSU Congress with Peter Tumminello
in Leuven (Belgium)


Park Inn
by Radisson Leuven
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Park Inn Leuven



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480 €

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Fidelity deal
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Gemstone remedy kits will be available for purchase.


Peter Tumminello

Peter Tumminello, known for his work on gemstones, approaches minerals, and by extension any matter, from a point of view new to homeopathy: the crystalline structure. Once you understand this, you gain completely new insights into the patient’s psyche. As with any paradigm shift, it takes some time to grasp this principle, which is extremely rewarding, because as a homeopath you obtain yet another wonderful tool to better treat your patients. ​

There is a ‘stamp of personality’ that we all carry with us … a way of behaving, a set of sensibilities and expressions that allow us to identify each other. Peter has identified this unique resource through his research into the crystal structure, and found that it ushers a valuable pathway to the simillimum.

Every mineral has a crystal structure. Research into the eight crystal structures reveals a remarkable alignment of those structures with our medicines. Peter will introduce these structures, how they align with the inherent qualities of each person’s psyche and usher valuable pathway to the simillimum.

While this is a new area of homeopathic
understanding, it clearly complements the work of Sankaran, Scholten, Welte and their fellow homeopaths with repute in the world of minerals.


Psyche and Structure
Table of Psyche and Structure
Twelve Jewels
A Child's Mind and Behaviour
Rhus Glabra
Rose Quartz